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Futuristic Medium: How Technology Can Be an Art Tool

Simply put, art is self-expression that gives voice to emotions and passions that can not be easily described. Technology is a new form of human expression that has become an integral part of society within a short frame of time. Much focus has been given to the practical aspects of technology that some felt excluded

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Data Loss: The How-To of Not Losing Data in an Industrial Setup

Modern times require modern innovation as well. A lot of things have to keep up with the fast phasing and development of technology. That is why most companies choose to invest in a trustworthy line subscription that will serve them well and protect their data. As recorded statistics of Boston, 34% of companies fail

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Changing Futures: How Technology Will Affect Your Retirement

In the past, retirement was simple. You saved up for it and then you enjoyed it. But many new factors are seriously changing the retirement landscape. If you want to enjoy your retirement 20 to 40 years from now, you need to know more about how modern technology will affect your retirement plans or goals. A

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How to Level Up Your Business Blogs

A blog is a vital component of any business website. This is where potential customers can get to know your company and learn more about what you offer. Moreover, a blog heavily influences a customer’s buying decision, which is why a high-quality blog is a critical driver in increasing sales. Besides acquiring digital marketing services,

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3 Black Mirror Episodes and What They Say About Technology and Lifestyle

This year, Black Mirror creator, Charlie Brooker, postponed working on the show because the world has gone too bleak. It looks like he is sparing the world from disturbing takes on how technology alters human life. The Netflix original, Black Mirror, has earned its reputation for being overly dark. It smashes the audience to the

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Improve the Life of the Elderly by Introducing These Tech Devices

The population in the United States is aging. According to statistics from the Urban Institute, the number of people in the country ages 65 and up will more than double over the next four decades. Elderly loved ones will often need assistance with basic personal care. If you have loved ones who want to live

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