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Three Ways to Improve Online Shopping Experience

Retail is a multi-trillion dollar global industry in the U.S., a force that has continued to prove its unprecedented growth over the years. One reason behind this is the growing eCommerce industry, which paved the way for online shopping trends. Stepping inside a retail store is like being transported into a world filled with branded

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Seeing Eye to Eye: 3 Strategies to Market an Eye Care Clinic

Americans don’t have a 20/20 vision—at least a growing number of the population. According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), about 16 million people have either an undiagnosed or untreated eye problem. This is because fewer than 60 percent see their physician or optometrist for an annual eye exam. This concern, however, has been going

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The Significance of Technology on the Trading World

As technology grows more sophisticated, so do regular people’s business savvy and investment know-how. Nowadays, a business degree is no longer a precursor to finding success as an entrepreneur or a trader, thanks to tech advancements and how companies are leveraging it to their advantage. If you are a budding trader or someone interested in

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Maximizing Cybersecurity: Keeping Your Digital Assets Safe

We live in an age that values the use of data and information. Whether you’re a new business, a large tech corporation, or a non-profit research group, gathering data from target demographics and keeping sensitive customer information is known for being one of the best ways of drawing up new strategies and plans that can

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truck driver

The Future of Truck Driving in a World of Autonomous Vehicles

The rise of brilliant and sophisticated new technologies comes with fears that it will one day take over jobs. Experts have been warning about the disappearance of certain professions, leaving many people unemployed and have no source of income. And, with the rise of autonomous trucks, there have been fears that truck drivers will have

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financial planning

Explore the Concept of the Flywheel Effect in Financial Planning

A contestant in America’s Got Talent called Nightbirde once said that one shouldn’t wait until everything is all right before they decide to be happy. That may be true. Sometimes it seems humans wait for that one magical pivotal moment to occur; and when it doesn’t come, people become frustrated and disappointed. They start believing they are

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